About Us

The TOV Special-Technical Engineering Bureau "STANDART.T" was founded in 2020. The major activity of the company was the provision of engineering and consulting services in the part of following up the research and development works on development of armament, military equipment and ammunition.

Thanks to our work, three samples of armament, military equipment and ammunition have been adopted or put into service. With the beginning of the war, our team directly plunged into development of promising ammunition samples, some of which have already been tested and now are at the stage of being approved for controlled operation.

In particular, unguided munitions 40 mm БНПП-40 and БНПП-40M have successfully proved themselves in combat application with the use of various types of UAVs (quadcopters). Already in the near future, we intend to start testing ammunition with a shaped charge warhead (for kamikaze drones, etc.), as well as the fuses for completing unguided munitions of 60 mm, 82 mm, and 120 mm caliber, including mortar mines, for their use with a quadcopter type UAV.

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